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For the majority of German men, fellatio is the most beautiful sexual practice. And to come in the mouth of the partner is the absolute fulfillment. Why? Oral sex is a bit spoiled. It has the charm of the forbidden. But above all: being satisfied with the mouth is extremely intense for men. Women can do a lot more with their lips and tongue than with their vagina. But although 70 percent practice fellatio, men - from their point of view - are far too seldom able to enjoy it. Many women find it rather annoying. No desire for submissive love services, the sperm tastes bitter - which is why only about 26% swallow it. In the USA there is even a drug that is supposed to improve the taste of sperm. The same effect can also be achieved with fruit and vegetables. Pineapple, celery and strawberries sweeten the juice of your sweetheart noticeably. Beer, on the other hand, makes semen taste stale. Too much meat, salt or asparagus make it rather bitter. You dont get fat from it: an ejaculation has about five to 25 calories. 88% of men find the idea that their partner swallows her sperm during oral sex exciting. 26% of women swallow their sperm during fellatio because its just part of it. Kim, hairdresser and computer salesman Boris have been together for almost a year - oral sex total is the icing on the cake in their relationship. Can you be nice to me again? For my friend Boris, oral sex is the highest of all. Just lying down, not having to do anything and being able to concentrate on your own pleasure. He says that for him this is much more intense than other sex. I understand that, too, and I like to serve him. But always only the Pasha number - I dont have that. Maybe its bitchy, but I also want to get my rights in bed. Or rather: equal rights. Thats why I take it for granted that I sometimes demand Boris tongue skills. Or, in the 69 position, we both reach the climax at the same time. However, oral sex is not an everyday technique for us. It doesnt have to be. We also do a lot of other gymnastics through the mattresses. But I like the fact that his limb immediately stands like a one when I signal that his mouth is going to the point. But then really, with swallowing - thats part of it for me. Because immediately jump up and run into the bathroom, I find absolutely turning off. I only do it when its super bitter, but that was only the first time he had drunk too much. And alcohol, especially beer, has an extremely negative effect on the taste. Meanwhile Fellatio is really fun for me. I especially enjoy the great feeling of power when Boris is completely at my mercy, when he moans and twitches just before he comes. For me it is a sign of love and respect that he always asks me first if I feel like it - and then he really freshens up. He then takes a long shower and shaves his pubic hair, because I hate it when I have a jungle in my mouth. Once he even put a little Nutella on my acorn to sweeten my service. Who could resist? So he shows me that he doesnt take fellatio for granted, but really appreciates my commitment. Every day a cake with cream would spoil my appetite.

Mens dream anal sex: So beautifully sinful

Anal sex is an erotic frontier. But: Nothing that a couple does to each other in mutual agreement is perverted! In any case, the anus is highly sensitive due to its many nerve endings, so touching it with the finger or tongue is an additional stimulation during sexual intercourse for many people. The narrowness of the anal opening alone increases the stimulation on the pleasure nerves of both partners. More and more people use these new experiences in a phase of sexual discovery. It is best to use a lubricant to facilitate the penetration of the finger or limb and at the same time to protect against painful irritations. 33% of young couples between the ages of 20 and 30 have tried anal sex together. 42% of men turn on the fantasy of taking a seductive stranger really hard from behind. Hannah, a student who has been happy in a steady relationship for two years, appreciates anal intercourse as an intense change in her love life. Yuck, yuck! Always the same reaction when I admit that my Holger and I have regular anal intercourse. And that with a huge desire. Okay, in the beginning I was also outraged by my partners suggestion. But then I became curious and informed myself. How can an erect penis fit into such a narrow opening? Doesnt it cause animal pain and injuries? What should make you feel like it? Holger and I then decided at some point to practically get to grips with the subject. After one and a half years together we could be mutually sure that we were healthy and safe and that we totally trusted each other. The first thing we did was to choose a lubricant together in a Beate-Uhse-Shop, which has already fuelled our desire to experiment.

Very hard sex can be tempting

It was clear to us that we would have this body experience together and that we both wanted to try it out. We downloaded a user manual from the Internet. A good tip: We cleaned the anus with a mini enema from the pharmacy, because hygiene is of course an absolute must with this type of play. Then it was on the practical side: first massage the buttocks intensively, kiss them and lick them, it said. It was already quite good. Then caress the anus and perineum and work them with light pressure, so that the blood circulation in this zone increases and the tissue is soft-kneaded. And there I felt for the first time that it tickles, because at this point innumerable nerve endings simply converge. And when they are intensively stimulated, you can get pretty hot. I did it all the other way round with my sweetening, and it went off pretty well. The slow stretching of the small gate with lavish lubricant and first with one finger, then with two, was very gentle. Only for a moment there was a painful sting and at the same time a small wave of lust overflowed me. The penetration of the limb was then very slow and tender, Holger stroked me additionally at the clitoris, so that I immediately had an orgasm. Since then we play a lot, the anus gets used to the stretching. The intensity remains. The most beautiful thing is when we have loved each other extensively before and my abdomen is already on fire anyway. Then anal sex is the final flash - as if I were breaking through a wall. There is no position where more intimate details of a woman are visible than when she masturbates with her legs apart. Thats why there are so many such scenes in porn. They stimulate mens imagination to such an extent that they would like to see them live. But women often shy away from revealing themselves in this way. The prerequisite, as so often, is trust. Not only between the couple, but also trust in the fact that one can go so far. Most people find it difficult to overcome their inhibitions in the beginning and present themselves so openly to their partner. On the other hand, why shouldnt he watch? In this way you can see up close what makes your lover take off. He only has to imitate her, and she floats in seventh heaven. The kick for him: He may only watch, not seize. Playing voyeur with a woman is one of the mens favourite fantasies. Of course, shame must be respected. But lets be honest: Small border crossings make sex tingly. 68% of men would like to watch their partner do it to herself. 6% of women masturbate in front of their partner when he asks them to.

In virtual reality you can become very nasty

For Isabella, a florist who has been in a relationship for three years, masturbation in front of her partner is an erotic and extremely fulfilling prelude. Exhibitionism for my beloved, fulfillment for me: I stretch myself in sharp lingerie on the sheet like a cat in need of cuddling. But this time I dont want the caresses from him. My hands glide over my body, quite lasciviously. I start with my lips, slide my hands along my neck to my chest. My nipples line up, my hands continue to wander over my body, slowly and deliberately. I breathe faster, moan softly. Finally I have reached my lap, my fingers dipping between my thighs. I close my eyes and surrender to my desire. What sounds so self-evident to me at the beginning was a huge overcoming when one of my ex-boyfriends asked me to do so. At first I didnt want to, then I was totally cramped. I simply could not concentrate exclusively on myself. Although the idea that I could deliver a steep pattern for a hot love night already excited me. Then I practiced for myself. I made beautiful music so that I could glide more easily into another world. I put on sharp underwear to make myself feel irresistible.

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